Welcome to the Higher Education Export Controls Association

As the first national body of Higher Education Export Control practitioners in the UK, our mission is to:

  • Enable the sector to take an informed and consistent approach to Export Control Compliance. 
  • Provide a dynamic platform of expertise using our collective experience. 
  • Facilitate key discussions between practitioners, academics, regulators, funders and the government. 
  • Open HEECA membership to practitioners at all UK higher education research institutions.

Why our work is vital

Universities have a responsibility as leaders of cutting-edge research to play a role in national security. We have expertise in emerging and sensitive technologies and intellectual property that should be protected. The risk of interference with or misuse of university research needs to be addressed.


The dynamic and complex nature of the UK national security agenda and the heightened level of proliferation and other security risks present an urgent strategic need for increased awareness, coordination, and collaboration between UK universities and HM Government. HEECA aims to provide a practitioner-led platform for addressing these challenges. 

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